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The American Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East was founded in 2009, primarily by American service personnel who had met Canon Andrew White and supported his work in Baghdad, Iraq. Several of the founding Trustees had previously served on the U.S. Advisory Council to the UK FRRME Board.

New Officers and Board Members December 2014

FRRME America Executive Committee (left to right), John Busterud, former Vice Chairman; Kevin Douglas, Treasurer; Connie Wilson, Secretary; Nina Shea, Vice Chairman; Scott Rye, Chairman; Woody Hogle, Immediate Past Chairman; and David Greer, Executive Director.

Specifically, the American Foundation was established to promote and foster reconciliation, peaceful relations and mutual respect amongst and between religious groups and their members; provide pastoral and logistic relief, support, and assistance to Christian churches, congregations, parishes and communities; provide humanitarian relief and assistance to persons and communities in need, and foster economic development in order to alleviate human suffering; advance respect for the rights of women, children and religious minorities; and seek an end to sectarian violence and promote the peaceful mediation and resolution of social, political, economic and religious disputes.

FRRME America Board

The Board of Trustees meets regularly, either in person or telephonically, including an Annual Meeting, to further the mission of the Foundation. An ex officio Executive Director handles day-to-day matters, and the Executive Committee consults quarterly or more often, as necessary, to conduct the ongoing business of the Foundation. Board terms are for three years, and positions are open to individuals of good standing with a genuine desire to promote FRRME’s goals of humanitarian relief and religious reconciliation in Iraq and throughout the Middle East.

Executive Committee

Chairman: Capt. Scott C. Rye, USN
Vice Chairman: Ms. Nina Shea
Secretary: Ms. Connie Wilson
Treasurer: Mr. Kevin H. Douglas
Executive Director: Brig. Gen. David E. Greer, USA (Ret.)
Immediate Past Chair: Lt. Gen. Walter S. “Woody” Hogle, Jr. USAF (Ret.)

Board of Trustees

Mr. Stuart W. Bowen, Jr.
Amb. L. Paul Bremer III
Col. John W. Busterud, USA (Ret.)
Dr. Steve Ellis
Mr. Jerry H. Jones
Lt. Gen. Claude M. “Mick” Kicklighter, USA (Ret.)
Mr. Brian C. Murphy
Ms. May Al-Najjar
The Rev. Meg Saunders
Amb. Richard N. “Dick” Swett


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