FRRME Approves Emergency Aid to Iraq



SOMERVILLE, ME—In a July 16 joint meeting of FRRME America’s Crisis Management Committee and FRRME UK’s Operations Committee, members heard an urgent appeal for emergency funding for the Foundation’s work in Iraq, specifically to provide immediate aid to refugees flooding into Kurdistan.

Speaking to members by telephone from his home in the United Kingdom, Canon Andrew White, President of FRRME, addressed the need for additional funds for Christians and Muslims who have fled their homes in northern Iraq, many of whom have sought refuge in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region. ISIS extremists have given Christians in Mosul (Iraq’s second largest city) three options: convert to Islam, pay a tax as Christians or literally be put to the sword. Most Christians fled the city in response, their houses and property seized by ISIS, who marked their homes with an Arabic “N” for “Nazarene,” adding that the houses were now the property of the Islamic State.

A FRRME staffer added the report that she had visited camps near the Kurdish capital of Erbil days before where thousands of refugees were living in austere conditions. Many had not had food or water for five days.

The committees recommended approval, and the proposition was put to a vote of FRRME Board members who approved the emergency funding.

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