June Update from Peter Christenson, FRRME Middle East Project Officer

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This month I had the opportunity to be a part of some high-level diplomatic meetings, at which Canon White was able to engage in discussions about the relief work that FRRME is doing in Jordan and in Northern Iraq. Reconciliation talks are at the heart of all FRRME does, as we understand that religion and politics are intimately linked in the Middle East.

We met this month with Ambassador Oakden, the English Ambassador to Jordan, and with Ambassador Saccomani, the Canadian Ambassador to Jordan. Both Ambassadors were interested to hear about the work that FRRME is doing. Canon White shared about the challenges that the Iraqi refugees in Jordan and in Northern Iraq are facing, and discussed the services that we are providing for refugees, which include education, healthcare, housing, and food. Iraqi refugees are having difficulty finding asylum in Western countries, and it is too dangerous for them to return to their former places of residence in Iraq. It was encouraging to see Canon White and Ambassador Oakden grapple with the questions of how best to deal with the humanitarian crisis in Jordan that FRRME is seeking to address, since it gave me a feeling that there is thoughtful …read more