Media Summary 26 March 2015

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Each week we post a selection of recent online items where you can find out about the latest developments in Iraq. We hope this will help you in understanding the situation in which FRRME operates and in directing your prayers for Iraq.

This week’s edition features news on air strikes on Tikrit in the attempt to recapture it, preparations for the retaking of Mosul, and the challenges of national reconciliation raising the likelihood of Iraq splitting up. Also the future of peace talks between Israel and Palestine following recent elections.

Media Summary

BBC: Islamic State conflict: US launches Tikrit air strikes

Wall Street Journal: Iraq inches toward 3-way split

Al Monitor: National reconciliation in Iraq remains elusive

Al Jazeera: Meet the fighters preparing to retake Mosul from ISIL

Al Jazeera: Netanyahu victory casts doubt on future of peace talks

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