FRRME Provides Aid In Kurdistan


SOMERVILLE, ME—FRRME staff are providing direct humanitarian aid to refugees in Kurdistan, including food and water, hot meals and more.

Thanks to emergency funding approved by the boards in the UK and the U.S., FRRME has been active in recent days in Erbil, capital of the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan, where hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled in order to escape ISIS.

Aid is being provided to Christians and Shi’a Muslims who have poured into Kurdistan. Initially, bare essentials were delivered to refugees in settlement camps, where FRRME staff were quickly surrounded by people desperate for food and water. FRRME coordinated efforts with the largest Chaldean Catholic Church in Erbil to provide fresh bread and water to some 5,000 families being hosted by the church and later began providing three hot meals a day for nearly 15,000 refugees at the church.

FRRME has also provided humanitarian relief to Muslim refugees in the camps and in the streets of Erbil, including food and essential supplies.

In addition to its work in the north, FRRME continues to provide aid to thousands in Baghdad, including the needy and disabled children. St. George’s Church in Baghdad operates a medical and dental clinic that provides healthcare free of charge to people of all faiths, and food staples are provided to needy families on a weekly basis.