Media Summary 7 August 2014

Each week we post a selection of recent online items where you can find out about the latest developments in Iraq. We hope this will help you in understanding the situation in which FRRME operates and in directing your prayers for Iraq.

This week’s edition features atrocities committed against the Yazidi minority by IS, IS’ approach to Baghdad and Erbil in the north, and more new on Iraqi Christians who are fleeing.

Media Summary

Guardian: 40,000 Iraqis stranded on mountain as ISIS jihadists threaten death

Al Arabiya: Kurdish forces, ISIS clash near Arbil

Al Jazeera: Iraqi airstrike ‘kills scores of IS fighters’

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We move Forward


Dear Friends,

How can I but thank you enough for your love, encouragement and support for us in Iraq. As many of you know the main way I communicate daily is through Facebook and once or twice a week through general Email Updates. It has been made clear to me several times lately that my email updates fail to mention a lot of what I am saying on Facebook so we are going to ensure that my email updates also include various FB updates. One such update is shown below.

It demonstrates the reality of the crisis here seen in one …read more

Media Summary 31 July 2014

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Each week we post a selection of recent online items where you can find out about the latest developments in Iraq. We hope this will help you in understanding the situation in which FRRME operates and in directing your prayers for Iraq.

This week’s extended edition features news on the situation for Iraqi Christian’s in Mosul, as well as political tensions over Maliki’s leadership and forming a new government.

Media Summary

Al Jazeera: Islamic State evicts Iraq farmers

Al Monitor: Baghdad seethes as Erbil hosts revolutionary tribal conference

Al Monitor: Maliki furious over Jordan-hosted Sunni opposition conference

NINA: Maliki calls on political …read more

Middle East Update


Dear Friends,

Everyday we think that the crisis here cannot get worse and every day it does. Yesterday over 1500 people were killed and the Islamic State (formally known as ISIS) simply said we can do anything now the world is just looking at Gaza. In reality that is true Iraq seems like old news, yet things just get worse and worse here. It is as if hell has broken out here and nobody cares, that is apart from your our supporters who never leave us and keep supporting us in every way and to you I simply say thank you. …read more

Rev Faiz interviewed by BBC World Service

Reverend Faiz Jerjees - Curate of St George's Church, Baghdad

On 24th July Reverend Faiz Jerjes, the curate at St George’s Church Baghdad, was interviewed by BBC World Service for their Outlook programme. In the interview Reverend Faiz spoke of the situation of Iraqi Christians in Mosul, as well as the fears Christians have in Baghdad. Reverend Faiz stated, “We are all very scared and frightened, even Christians in Baghdad feel they are next in line.” Faiz also shared of his own experiences of growing up as a Christian in Iraq and how the situation changed following the 2003 invasion.

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Canon White interviewed by Christian Today

Congregation of St George's after the regular service

Canon Andrew White was interviewed by Christian Today where he spoke about the situation for Christians in Mosul and the future of Christianity in Iraq. In it Canon Andrew White states:

The only answer is that we stay together, we keep loving each other and loving God, that is all we can do. There is no solution in a place where you cannot even have a government.”

To see the interview with Christian Today in full please click HERE.

To see Canon White’s BBC Radio 4 Interview please click HERE.

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Who are my people


Dear Friends,

Greetings from Jerusalem. I am here for one day before I return to the UK to speak this weekend. Please see the details of where I will be listed opposite. We have had such an important visit here at a very important time. It is vital not to compare tragedies in a competition for who has the worst deal. The reality is that things are awful for all of the people of Israel, Palestine, Iraq and the Gaza at the moment. I love these people. I often refer to “My People”, so I want to explain what I mean …read more

FRRME Approves Emergency Aid to Iraq



SOMERVILLE, ME—In a July 16 joint meeting of FRRME America’s Crisis Management Committee and FRRME UK’s Operations Committee, members heard an urgent appeal for emergency funding for the Foundation’s work in Iraq, specifically to provide immediate aid to refugees flooding into Kurdistan.

Speaking to members by telephone from his home in the United Kingdom, Canon Andrew White, President of FRRME, addressed the need for additional funds for Christians and Muslims who have fled their homes in northern Iraq, many of whom have sought refuge in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region. ISIS extremists have given Christians in Mosul (Iraq’s second largest city) three options: convert to Islam, pay a tax as Christians or literally be put to the sword. Most Christians fled the city in response, their houses and property seized by ISIS, who marked their homes with an Arabic “N” for “Nazarene,” adding that the houses were now the property of the Islamic State.

A FRRME staffer added the report that she had visited camps near the Kurdish capital of Erbil days before where thousands of refugees were living in austere conditions. Many had not had food or water for five days.

The committees recommended approval, and the proposition was put to a vote of FRRME Board members who approved the emergency funding.

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