Working with Churches in Northern Iraq

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The key to our success in the Middle East is building relationships with partners on the ground. This has enabled us to deliver emergency relief to tens of thousands of internally displaced Christians in Iraq as well as Iraqi Christian refugees in neighbouring Jordan. In Northern Iraq, our main partners are Archbishop Daoud of the Syrian Orthodox Church; Mr Shent Mardian, Secretary to the Armenian Archbishop; and Mr Omeed Mansour, head of the Bishara Association, a government-funded NGO.

Christopher Segar (FRRME Trustee) with Archbishop Daoud (middle) and Dr Sarah Ahmed (FRRME’s Director of Operations in the Middle East)

Through our partnership with the Syrian Orthodox Church we provide food for some of the 3,000 Iraqi Christian families now in the diocese of Erbil (100 of these families are Armenian). This is important not just because these people have nothing and need our help, but because we are helping to keep Christianity alive in Iraq.

The alter at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Qaraqosh, 20 miles …read more